Dylan Josephson

For this piece, I had to interview Dylan. Some of the difficulties I had when writing this piece had to do with Dylan’s responses, since most of the time he didn’t really have that much to say. While he thinks he’s funny, many of his friends don’t really agree or have much to say about him that added to the piece. I really enjoyed writing this though because I got to know Dylan better and it was fun to ask him random questions about his life as he spun around in a wheely chair.



Families nationwide gather, waiting for the show to begin. But the person who has waited the longest is the host, who rocks back and forth as the cameras turn to him. The ‘on-air’ light switches on, and “Late Night with Dylan Josephson” begins.

This has been Lincroft teen Dylan Michael Josephson’s dream since he was a kid.

“I think I’m hilarious,” Dylan,15, said, confident.

Dylan, having older siblings, watched comedy movies at a young age, sparking his comedic interest.

“I guess I shouldn’t have been watching R rated comedy movies,” Dylan said, “but I would watch those late at night and I guess that’s how it started.”

Dylan’s dream career path begins with featuring on “Saturday Night Live,” then little parts on comedy shows, finally becoming a late night talk show host on a show similar to his idol’s, Jimmy Fallon.

One of his favorite and most memorable traits is his hair, colored a red that resembles the perfect marshmallow-roasting campfire.

“I did an entire presentation on the importance of Guy Fieri’s hair,” Dylan said, showing his love for hair in a story classmates found comedic. “I said it was cool looking, taught originality, and was good advertising for his business.”

In his free time, Dylan hangs out with friends and watches Netflix. His favorite shows include “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Office.”

His comedy interest grew as Dylan spent much of his summer watching “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“It was really funny,” Dylan said, as he displayed unique facial expressions. “It seemed like a lot of fun because they’re always laughing and I don’t want to be boring when I’m older.”

Dylan is passionate about comedy, loving to laugh like Uncle Albert in “Mary Poppins.” He’s confident that one night, when someone turns on NBC, they’ll see comedian Dylan Josephson, and laugh with him.


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