Color Wars


The teal team came out victorious at the CHS annual Color Wars event today. The students and faculty competed in an activity-filled day in hopes of earning the title of Color Wars Champion.

Ten teams participated: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, teal, purple, pink, and black. Senior captains led each team.

The various colors had different themes to pump up team spirit, including “LIT Blue,” “Purple Reign,” and “Red Scare.”

The teams met in the morning to gather their ranks and to go over their strategy once again. Member of the green team Tori Ferraro spoke for most of the participants when she said the most important thing about Color Wars is “winning. Winning is everything.”

In accordance with tradition, teams first performed their team chants and competed in bracket-style tug-of-war. The teal team won for their chant, and the purple team tugged their way into first for tug-of-war.

During lunch, students forgot about all color barriers and intermingled, taking pictures and practicing some of the games they would later compete in.

Sporting events including basketball, volleyball, soccer, sponge relay, and cornhole took place after lunch, followed by non-sporting events such as pictionary, art challenge, limbo, and the video game challenge.

The event was closed with a teacher competition, where teachers had to balance a balloon on the back of their hand while trying to knock other teacher’s balloons off their hand, with Ms. Cornine coming in first for the red team; and a pie eating contest, where dark blue “took the pie.”

The results were announced, revealing a tie for third between green and red, pink in second, and teal taking the crown.

“It’s nice. Feels good to win,” said sophomore David Neuwirth representing the teal team.

The day ended on a high note for all teams, even if they didn’t win, because everyone had a great time. It also helped that senior Matt Morton of the light blue team did not win, as he had the rest of his time at CHS.

As the students dispersed for dismissal, a chant of “not Matt Morton” broke out, bringing the school back together as one unit, no longer engaged in war.


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