Mug Shots

These pictures were taken in roughly 24 hours, after our teacher challenged us to get as many of our classmates’ mug shots in one day. This project gave me many difficulties, as they always do. My main problem was that I don’t see that many of my classmates in one day, since I have the same group of 20 or so people in all of my classes, and I didn’t want to get pictures of people as they were chewing at lunch. This caused me to scramble to take pictures of as many people as I could in the 10-15 minutes I had in the morning before the bell rang. But in my rush, I kept forgetting to double check my lighting, aperture, and background before snagging the mug shot. I also only took one picture of each person, horizontally instead of vertically, which didn’t give me much of a selection, so I had to remove some of the mug shots.



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